Imagine you want to buy a house and you visit three properties – the first one, an empty house, clean, well-built. The second one, a good house that looks lived in, maybe laundry on the living room chair. The third house, exactly as you would want your house to look after you moved in. Which one would you buy?
Home staging is the process of preparing a residence for the purpose of the real estate market. The first property in the above example is not staged, the second is poorly staged and the third is perfect. According to a survey, home staging leads to an increase of price by 1780 dollars on an average. This is because when a potential buyer can imagine himself or herself living in the house, they would be more likely to but it. The personalization, however, needs to be perfect.

Buying the house of your dreams is only the first step to living the kind of life you have imagined in your head. When you actually move into the house, it is just a property. You need to make it a home, and a personalized and tasteful one at that.
Home decorating can be an overwhelming process. From furniture to curtains to lighting to decorative accessories, so much has to be decided. The colours and materials of the carpet, texture of the curtains, organization of the rooms, achieving a particular tone or look – it can be a very difficult task. Apart from this there are questions about where to shop from, where to get services like window treatments etc. It can be extremely stressful at times. It is here that the RCH Design Group steps in to answer all these questions, and much more.

Colours and tones have an important effect on the human brain. Ever thought why the hospital walls make you feel sombre and why an art designer’s studio makes you feel inspired? To a very large degree, this is the effect of colour and finish.
While you are designing and decorating your home, one of the most important choices to make is that of the colour palette. Not only you have to keep in mind what kind of tone you want to convey, but also you have to maintain a certain flow of colours in the house, a certain cordiality between the rooms and areas. This is where RCH Design Group can help you. Do you want to make the nursery look warm, the master bedroom imposing and the sitting room fashionable? Our designers do this, while making sure that there is no feeling of abruptness in tone or colour while going from one room to the next.

Do you want to transform your child’s nursery into a bedroom? Are you bored of how your house looks and want a new look? Do you want to give your living room a fresh tone? Whatever the case may be, renovation becomes a necessity after some time. Whether it is just one room or the whole house, it is essential that renovation be done expertly.
This is where our designers step in. RCH Design Group makes sure that renovation is not a stressful experience. A renovation gone wrong can spoil the look of the house. The huge amount you invested in decorating and designing the house when you bought it can go to waste. While renovating only a room, for example, it is necessary to remember that the room might be getting a new look but the rest of the house will look the same.