1- TERM OF LEASE. The term of this Lease shall commence as of date of delivery and shall continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated in accordance with this agreement. Lessee understands that minimum rental period is 1 (one) month. Lessee will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of rent for the month. Lessee shall pay the Lessor as a monthly rent, without deduction, prior notice, demand or billing statement, the monthly rent plus all applicable taxes.

2- LEASE PAYMENTS. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor lease payments, payable in monthly installments to be paid on or before the day of each month thereafter. A late payment charge in the amount of 5% of monthly rental charge shall be imposed for every payment not made on or before the due date. Late charge will be applied to Lessee’s account after 5 days of non-payment. A $35 handling fee will be charged for any returned cheque. A replacement certified cheque or cash must be delivered to Lessor within 24 hours after notice to Lessee of the cheque return.

3- TERMINATION. This Lease may be terminated by either party upon Notice as set forth in this section:

a) Lessee may terminate this Lease at any time by giving 2 days written notice to Lessor. b) This Lease may, at the option of Lessor be terminated upon any violation by Lessee of the terms of this Lease by giving 5 days written Notice to Lessee.

4- COLLECTION OF PAST DUE ACCOUNTS. Lessee shall be responsible for any and all collection, collection agency, legal and court costs incurred in the collection of past due accounts. Lessor reserves the right to report any delinquencies of Lessee to any Credit Reporting Agencies or other parties including but not limited to other Lessors and Consumer Credit Agencies.

5- DELIVERY AND ACCEPTANCE OF FURNITURE. Lessor shall deliver the leased furniture no later than 2014. On delivery, Lessee shall immediately inspect each item of furniture delivered. Unless Lessee notifies Lessor in writing within 24 hours from the time of actual delivery, specifying any defect or objection to the furniture, Lessee will be conclusively presumed to have fully inspected and acknowledged that the furniture is in good condition, and that Lessee is satisfied with and has accepted the furniture in good condition.

6- MAINTENANCE OF RENTED PROPERTY. THE LEASED PROPERTY SHALL NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE ADDRESS TO WHICH IT IS DELIVERED WITHOUT LESSOR’S WRITTEN CONSENT. If the Lessee requests a transfer of the furniture from the address stated on this contract to any other address, there will be a minimum transfer fee of $500. Lessee is responsible for covering any cleaning, repair or replacement costs resulted from breakage, loss, unreasonable or excessive wear or any other damages incurred by Lessee. Replacement cost of each item is 10 times monthly rental rate. Lessee must notify Lessor about any pets present at the property during furniture rental term. To prevent possible infestation or an allergic reaction in future clients, $75 cleaning cost per upholstered item might apply.

7- RETURN OF FURNITURE. On the termination of the Lease for any reason whatsoever, Lessee shall return the leased furniture to Lessor in as good condition as when received. Lessee agrees to have furniture ready for pick up on the assigned date. Failure to do so will incur additional pickup charge. IFLESSEE FAILS TO RETURN THE LEASED PROPERTY AS REQUIRED, LESSE WILL BE LIABLE TO LESSOR FOR AN AMOUNT EOUAL TO FULL REPLACEMENT COST OF THE LEASED PROPERTY IN ADDITION TO ALL OTHER PAYMENTS AND CHARGES DUE UNDER THIS LEASE AGREEMENT,

8- DEFAULTAND REMEDIES. If Lessee fails to make any payments of any amounts payable herein as and when such payment becomes due and/or if Lessee defaults in the performance of any other obligations hereunder, and such non-payment or other default continues for a period of 10 consecutive days, Lessor may, at its option, do any one or more of the following:

1) Declare, by written notice to Lessee, the entire unpaid rent and all other amounts payable, and the payment of such amount shall be so accelerated and such amount shall be payable by Lessee promptly; o

2) terminate this Lease upon written notice to Lessee;

3) Proceed by appropriate court action or actions at law or in equity or in bankruptcy to enforce performance by Lessee of the covenants and terms of this Lease and/or to recover damages for the breach of them;

4) Whether or not this Lease be so terminated, and without notice to Lessee, Lessor repossess the furniture wherever found, with or without legal process, and for this purpose Lessor and/or its agent may enter upon any premises of or under the control or jurisdiction of Lessee or any agent of Lessee without liability for suit, action or other proceeding by Lessee (any damages occasioned by such repossession being expressly waived by Lessee) and remove the leased furniture. LESSEE HEREBY CONSENTING TO SUCH REPOSSESSION AND WAIVING ANY RIGHT TO NOTICE OR A HEARING OF ANY KIND PRIOR TO SUCH REPOSSESSION. Pursuit of any of these actions shall not be deemed to be exclusive, but shall be cumulative and shall be in addition to all other remedies.

9- RELEASE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. Lessee hereby authorizes Lessor to collect, use and releases any personal information regarding Lessee in accordance with the applicable law and that allows Lessor to effectively service Lessee’s account. Lessee authorizes Lessor to check Lessee’s credit and rental history through any Credit Reporting Agency and to verify Lessee’s employment history and salary.

10- CONTRACT. A contract will be sent to you to sign after we reached you on the phone.